P.S.A Dead Name ​

What in the world is a dead name? It’s quite simple really it’s a transgender person birth name that they wish to do away with, smash it to smithereens, and cast it out so its never used to refer to that person again. Dead name. It’s dead. Means don’t use it anymore. I’m not even going to type out my dead name because I have to hear it all the time still, I don’t like being referred to it, and I sure as shit don’t like having to write it out for legal forms I.E. credit cards, rent, taxes, and the list goes on. Don’t use a transgender person’s dead name it will only cause more pain and being transgender is already hard enough, we go through pain just trying to live, use our preferred names.

This includes texts, facebook messages, phone calls, facebook comments, blog comments. My dead name is dead and gone. It will officially be gone by the end of the year. Start using Sasha she has been stuck since she was 8 years old and now that she is most of the way out of the closet use her name. It’s not hard it’s just a change. If my kids can do it you sure as shit can. Thanks.