Favorite Drink

Coffee was found more like stumbled upon in the 15th century in Yemen and would be brewed and roasted similar to how it is today but they didn’t have a Keurig so it wasn’t quick like today. They had to wait for the fire to get hot and put the pot on and wait for the beans to get soft enough to smash so they could make a stew-like consistency.  Once it was ready they would use cheesecloth to strain it and they had their morning cup of coffee. Can you imagine having to wake up get the fire going and wait for the beans to become soft enough to mush up and strain just so you could have a cup of coffee?  I go through a rigorous process as it is, I can not imagine having to do all that.

I love coffee, I had my first cup when I was 7 years old and just like the crawfish, it was a great experience. I asked my mom if I could try some one morning before we left for school and the look on her face was priceless. It was almost like she was scared that I would have an insane caffeine rush and couldn’t control myself. That didn’t happen instead I fell in love with the process of preparing it. The taste, the smell, and the process of getting it ready where all instant gratifications and gave me an unconditional love for this incredible substance.  I didn’t even put sugar in the coffee because I just wanted to see what all the joy was about when I saw people drink it. I added a drop of half n half and from that moment on I haven’t stopped drinking coffee.

I make coffee all sorts of ways like using a french press, Aeropress, and Chemex. Coffee is such a diverse drink that can be had in many different ways. My favorite is still just black with a drop of half n half and I could drink that all day long. My morning starts with coffee and my night ends with coffee. It is a comfort that I don’t take for granted and one of those things that I am so thankful for! If you have never had a pour over with a Chemex I recommend you go out and order yourself one. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!