My Second Coming Out…

Why do churches hate my existence but turn the other cheek for the child molester? Abusing rapist?

Why do churches forgive child porn producers who are connected to their churches so quick like cover it up almost then discriminate and bash an LGBTQIA+ person?

Why do churches allow affairs? But, if the gay couple wants to get married because they genuinely love each other they get outcasted and thrown out like scum.

Why do churches allow abuse to wives and tell them to just pray it out of their husbands? But, freak out when transgender people use the proper bathroom?

Churches have it all wrong and if they are in fact the bride of Christ, this Christ is an abusing, child molesting, racist, misogynist, bigot that I do not wish to have any part with. I have been going back and forth lately on a few things and these last few articles floating around about the molesters were it for me. I am an atheist and never looking back at my Christian roots.