Favorite Album

Evil Empire is the second album from the Rage Against the Machine catalog dropping on April 16th, 1996 and got its name from the Ronald Reagan era in reference to the Soviet Union.  Evil Empire got to number one on Billboard top 200 and by 2000 it was already certified platinum 3x. The genre is rap metal and it dropped on the Epic label. Here is the tracklist:

1. “People of the Sun” 2:30
2. “Bulls on Parade” 3:49
3. “Vietnow” 4:39
4. “Revolver” 5:30
5. “Snakecharmer” 3:56
6. “Tire me” 3:00
7. “Down Rodeo” 5:20
8. “Without a Face” 3:36
9. “Wind Below” 5:50
10. “Roll Right” 4:22
11. “Year of the Boomerang” 4:02
Total length: 46:34

Albums that run less than 50 minutes and can punch you in the face the entire time you are listening to them are the best in my opinion. The first time I hear this album I was 11 and I got it from a friend who is now a huge music buff and touring with some underground bands from Portland, Oregon. Anyway ever since I heard it the first time it’s been my favorite album of all time. When it starts out with “People of the Sun” you are instantly hooked right in by the hooks and Tom Morello’s guitar riffs. “Bulls on Parade” gives you an outlet to release your anger through your eardrums because when Zack sings “rally round the family, pocket full of shells” the anger behind just that line is enough to give you a voice against injustice. “Vietnow” was always the song I turned on whenever my dad would get in my face and lose it on me for being a kid “turn on the radio, nah FUCK IT!”

The rest of the tracks gave me a strange kind of peace after I listened to the first three. I looked at the first three as my go-to songs whenever I was pissed off and had no outlet to express myself. This album is unbelievable and I’ll still listen to it a few times a week. In closing here are my favorite lyrics from the Album:

Evil Empire – Bulls on Parade 1996

The microphone explodes
Shattering the molds
Either drop the hits like de la O
Or get the fuck off the commode
With the sure shot
Sure to make the body drop
Drop and don’t copy, yo
Don’t call this a co-op

Terror rains drenchin’
Quenchin’ the thirst of the power dons
That five-sided fist-a-gon
The rotten sore on the face of mother earth gets bigger
The trigger’s cold, empty your purse

Rally ’round the family
With a pocket full of shells
They rally ’round the family
With a pocket full of shells
They rally ’round the family
With a pocket full of shells
They rally ’round the family
With a pocket full of shells, come on

Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal
I walk the corner to the rubble
That used to be a library
Line up to the mind cemetery now

Favorite Artist

Zack Dela Rocha from “Rage Against the Machine” was born on January 12th, 1970 and wrote most of the lyrics for “RATM.” He was the lead vocalist and very vital to “RATM” as he is a strong voice against the injustices to humans. His rage in the lyrics he writes is beautiful but also very dark and heavy. Tom Morello was the co-founder of “RATM” and while Zach was performing rap gigs in local bars Tom found him and asked if he would do vocals along with write for the band. They became good friends and fought the “machine” with Zacks lyrics, Toms guitar, Brad’s drums, and Tims bass to release their rage and anger. They became a powerhouse for so many as they grew and fought tirelessly to “take the power back.” Unfortunately, Rage Against the Machine broke up in 2000 because of decision-making differences but they came back together from 2007-2011 for one last bang against the machine. In 2011 Zack decided to start his solo career and has several projects that show he is staying consistent with how he feels along with keeping his vocals at top performance.

For me, Zack has been my favorite vocalist/writer since the first time I listened to a “RATM” album. From his raps to his ability as a rock star he permeates my eardrums just right every time I turn on an album. In 2007 I was able to go see “RATM” in Los Angeles, California and the show was insane. Most of the time the pit didn’t stop moving and the energy in the room was more extreme then any energy I’ve ever experienced. I got a black eye and a few bruised ribs but it was worth it I still say that was the best show I have ever been to because of the energy. I love “RATM” and how they were able to mix punk, rock, hip-hop, and a little blues into their tracks, they are unlike any band I’ve listened to. They got their inspiration from bands like; The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Sex Pistols, the Cure, and Bad religion which is the reason I love them so much. The punk musical transitions in the way they can go from hip-hop to punk are taking The Clash to a whole new level of musical abilities is never heard before or even after “RATM” separated. The little hooks Tom Morello gives us with his insane guitar riffs along with Brad Wilks drums, Tim Commerford’s bass/backing vocals, and finally Zacks vocals make “RATM” unbelievable.

Zack Dela Rocha will be my favorite artist and set of vocals until the day I die. Rage Against The Machine will be my favorite band until the day I die. The album “Evil Empire” will be my favorite album till the day I die. I just don’t see another band giving us the same feel “RATM” does for me. Maybe soon they will come back together for one more farewell worldwide and write an album for the times in which we are living. I hope so anyway.

Lighten the mood

The last few posts have been heavy because I am under some pretty heavy pressure right now as you can probably tell. So, I wanted to share a list of upcoming posts I’ll be doing as life allows them to happen.

Music post: My favorite album of all time and why.

Dear pro-life post: In a respectful way I’ll be asking the pro-life crowd to value all life and not just the life of the fetus.

Outfit of the Day: Eventually I plan on posting one of these a week because I love fashion!

Hormone Replacement Therapy: What has happened thus far?

Mini-Series: Favorite color, Favorite book, Favorite artist, Favorite food, Favorite tv show, and Favorite movie. What does Sasha like?

Happy post: Another list of things I’m happy about.

Whats in my weekend bag? I’m going to share what I take to Austin, Tx in a few weeks.

2018 top 5 favorite albums (so far): Who I have had on repeat since they dropped their album this year.

It’s important to set goals and things to look forward too in this insane life and these are some big things I’m looking forward too. Writing is a great way to deal with grief for me personally and it helps to release a little bit of tension.

So, be on the lookout I’m going to start rough drafting posts soon! I hope you all Enjoy!

Love, Sasha Adele Braden