I had the worst month of my entire life in October 2018 and felt like I had no hope at all. Life seemed like it was just going to end and no one cared because Donald Trump wanted to erase trans folks. Through my pain and struggle, I came up with an idea that has exploded into a masterpiece. I honestly can’t believe what this is turning into and we are only in the beginning stages.  

Here is what we are about and what we are doing:

REFLECT.ATX – A trio of rotating monthly community events centered around Trans and Non-Binary expression, SUPPORTED by GENUINE allyship and grassroots organizing.

Please go check out our facebook page and give it a like! Let anyone who would benefit from this and spread it far and wide! I can see this growing even more than just statewide, it is only a matter of time. Here is the facebook:

Also, we are in need of funds. I am setting up a Patreon so please be on the lookout for updates regarding that. In the meantime, if you can help in any way the best is my personal Venmo for now. That is: @sashaadele