Donald, The psyco

In a nation controlled by -Evangelical Christians- and a man who is wanting to get into fist-fights with anyone who doesn’t agree with him you get this: The color of your skin segregates you Who you are is wrong, your identity is supposed to be Christs identity Being a woman means you are nothing more than a piece of … More Donald, The psyco

YWAM Pt. 3

This portion of the Ywam story is a blur but the parts I do remember still fuck with my head. This time I am done with both my Discipleship Training School (DTS) and School of Evangelism (SOE), I am full time on staff. My soon to be wife and I are engaged and she is doing … More YWAM Pt. 3

Baby steps add up

When you find yourself making progress and the baby steps you have taken to get to where you are going, you realize baby steps add up quick. The very beginning of the most recent change you are in is always the hardest to work through/figure out. As you know my anxiety and depression took over … More Baby steps add up

Limerick: Stop

To say, “get right with God” Is nothing short of odd To say, “Gods love is unconditional” Is a very suspicional I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE CHRISTIANS FACADE


Life is good and I have a lot to be happy about. It is so damn nice being allowed to be genuinely happy. I’m happy I have great friends I’m happy I am living in Austin, Tx I’m happy I’ll get to see my kids soon I’m happy I have great jobs I’m happy I know … More 🙂

Finding A Routine

I started out in Austin, Tx with my vinyl records and clothes not knowing what it was going to look like or even feel like. As a lot of you know I came down here to transition and make friends in the queer community which has been AMAZING! The amazing couple I have been with … More Finding A Routine

Goals are HAPPING

My friends, it has been a wild few first days here in Austin, Tx. The night I pulled in my allergies were going bonkers and I was a sobbing mess. Most of the night I couldn’t stop thinking about how my kids were going to wake up and I wasn’t going to be there. I … More Goals are HAPPING

YWAM Pt. 2

January 1st, 2011 I came back to Tyler, TX to do my second installment into YWAM that would allow me to stay on staff. I showed up with everything I owned and began the lecture portion of the 5-month course. I remember the first morning like it was yesterday, the woman who I was showing … More YWAM Pt. 2


Just a few honest thoughts from tonight… It’s my last night in Tyler, Tx and I am having all kinds of mixed emotions. I am happy because my life is going to be authentic and full of opportunity I have only ever dreamed about. I’ll be living full time as Sasha and be able to express … More Emotional

No More Jumping

My life has been one jump after another hoping that the dam would break and Sasha would be set free. I started jumping at 15 and I’ve written about my dad still being a hard-core drunk and my mom being passive aggressive. She just doesn’t stand up to him. When I was 15 I jumped … More No More Jumping

Limerick: Life Change

Moving out of the Bible Belt I’m not going to have to constantly feel like I melt I’m moving to the most affirming place in Texas I won’t have to deal with YWAM exes This is going to be the best I have ever felt

YWAM Pt. 1

My YWAM experience is going to be split up into 4 parts, I was there for 7 years and I have so much to say. I was hurt, I was spiritually abused, and I was treated like a project from day one. Here are the first 5 months. The story starts with a text too … More YWAM Pt. 1


I have been attracted to men my whole like. I am not going to sugar-coat the fact that I have always wanted to be the “woman” in the bedroom and allow my man to let out his “manness.” I have never enjoyed having intercourse being the “man” it has never pleased me ever since I … More Honest/Truth