Done giving a fuck

I hate you both. I hate Josiah. All of you have really screwed up what could of been an amazing family of difference and uniqueness. All of you chose to follow a fake ass god and destroyed Hannah and i’s life. I don’t know what you are doing with the current crisis but god damn it I am glad you all are out of my life. This god that you love so much and who can supposedly heal people is doing a really shitty job with this current situation. When you sent me that card a few months ago it put me into a panic attack for a week straight because it was so passive.

Both of you have been passive but that was the final straw. This will be the last time you hear from me probably ever. I won’t be at your funerals I won’t be at Josiah’s funeral I’ll be sticking by Hannah’s side because she matters. I thought that was why you adopted her? Because she matters and deserved a better life… clearly I was wrong and that breaks my heart.

Christians cover up sexual abuse and queer folks ask for consent and the Christians are the ones who call me a sinner for just trying to live my life. Christians say that this god is ever encompassing and we are all created in their image but at the end of the day if you are queer, Christians don’t agree with that “lifestyle.” If this was a fucking lifestyle or choice do you really think I would of come out? I chose to come out and to continue living when I could of easily gone and killed myself. Everyday that passes by I wish I could just kill myself because life is just bull shit.

Why do you think I escaped most of the time growing up? Because I was trying to get away from toxic bull shit and I feel sorry for Hannah that she was stuck with y’all a few years after I left for ywam. being crushed under the wrath of both of you and both of you pretty much yanking Hannah out of my life I am never going to forgive you, either of you. With this pandemic I really don’t care if I get the virus because at this point in my life I’m way too depressed to care if I stay alive or not.

Heaven sounds awful if both of you are going to be there. I’ll sprint into hell and be happy about it because both of you won’t be there. You can screen shot this and send it to all of your friends I really don’t care and if y’all have been trying to send me stuff I haven’t gotten it. I moved and I moved far away. Texas wasn’t the place anymore. I thought about ending this letter abruptly but here is my closing thought, both of you and Josiah are horrible people and mom… the bitterness is going to kill you like it did grandma. Dad the bitterness isn’t going to get you into heaven it’s going to kill you like it did grandma. Here’s to the both of

You for forcing me out into this world just to regulate how I live my life, both of you are horrible people.

Your eldest,


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My name is Sasha Adele Braden, a transgender woman, who is queer and living in freedom. I knew I was transgender at the age of five because my development just seemed off so I had an inclination something was very wrong. I was locked away because of shame and I decided that I was going to take my truth to the grave and never open up to anyone because I was full of fear. That all changed February 14, 2018, when it all came out. I’m free. I’m alive. I’m learning that life isn’t just eating, sleeping, having sex, and going to the bathroom but it is so much more! Learning that has been a blast! I am also co-managing a grassroots organization called, “REFLECT” and it is all about trans and nonbinary expression through community while being able to completely lean on allies. I am super stoked to be doing this and being a safe place for the queer community of Austin, TX. Look up my Facebook page “REFLECT” for more details. With all of that said, welcome to my life. I welcome all types of people and welcome all types of dialogue. So, drop a comment or two on a post every once In a while​ this blog is mainly just a way to let go of trauma from my past. Expressing it has helped me overcome things I thought I was never going to be able to overcome and I’m living in freedom for the first time in my life.

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