Isn’t it funny how we find ourselves in situations in which we could of easily avoided had we just known what living out truth Is? I’m all fucked up inside because the first 27 years of my life was a lie, it was everything and more I’m against and have been. Hiding out and lying to all those people really has me fucked up inside. I hear, “I miss you when you aren’t around” and it has me all fucked up because my dad would just ask about sports and beer… “Where is the beer?” Also,”No more cartoons football is on and I worked all day… Oh and I would love a beer.”

I’m not sorry for what I write on this blog and I am not going to hold back what I feel. If you can’t deal with this please remove your eyes from reading any more past this point. If I come off as harsh it’s because you have never seen or helped me form my own fucking ideas or opinions. It has all ways been your idea being implanted into my head by manipulation and spiritual mind games, so I’m giving you my true real opinion. I won’t hold back.

If I wanna fucking talk about suicide let me fucking express that. “Suicide” is made up any way the person who is dead got killed by lies and pain of socicity. If I want to talk about pain at YWAM I’m gonna fucking talk about it. If I want to stay silent because I’m pissed the fuck off I’m gonna stay silent.


Isn’t that worth the difference maybe that change is what will keep us alive. I don’t know but what I do know is don’t fucking close my mouth off from speaking.

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My name is Sasha Adele Braden, a transgender woman, who is queer and living in freedom. I knew I was transgender at the age of five because my development just seemed off so I had an inclination something was very wrong. I was locked away because of shame and I decided that I was going to take my truth to the grave and never open up to anyone because I was full of fear. That all changed February 14, 2018, when it all came out. I’m free. I’m alive. I’m learning that life isn’t just eating, sleeping, having sex, and going to the bathroom but it is so much more! Learning that has been a blast! I am also co-managing a grassroots organization called, “REFLECT” and it is all about trans and nonbinary expression through community while being able to completely lean on allies. I am super stoked to be doing this and being a safe place for the queer community of Austin, TX. Look up my Facebook page “REFLECT” for more details. With all of that said, welcome to my life. I welcome all types of people and welcome all types of dialogue. So, drop a comment or two on a post every once In a while​ this blog is mainly just a way to let go of trauma from my past. Expressing it has helped me overcome things I thought I was never going to be able to overcome and I’m living in freedom for the first time in my life.

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