It’s hard to be positive in a world that lives on negative everything and expects you to conform to the lie of it being OK to lie. If I could just break this down you see my life and so many others lives are in jeperdy because we live in a world that tells us our truth and emotions are wrong in every sense of the expression. Our lives are looked at as far less than because we express difference that most people in this world hate. People just can’t live with difference and if they do the bitching is consistent and the insecureits come out and bite everyone around them. Especially themselves without even knowing.

I dont share for attention I get enough of that and it’s mostly negative attention. I post because I have something to say and so I say IT. It may not be right or pleasing to the eyes and soul but remember you don’t have to live with what I do just like I don’t live with what you do. Throwing around statements like I shouldnt say that or do that are a crippling of my atoutomy and my free will gets stripped that way. I never name names and I never share bull shit. That’s not me. One thing I do though is call you the fuck out I don’t put up with bull shit and I don’t fuck around.

This is my life no one else’s and no one else has walked around in my shoes or dealt with my mental illness for 29 years trying to cope and stay alive. Just like I haven’t walked in my partners shoes or my friend who has cerebral palsy they know things and deals with things way differently than I do. Atoutomy is a thing and we need to let people live in their atoutomy. You want change and you want people to live truth than act like it and just be supportive. Maybe learn how to shut the fuck up every once in a while.

The reason I write like this and the reason I explode is because my entire life has been shut down by people telling me not to talk or get concerned that I have lost it. I haven’t lost it I have just gone through way more than a person should go through. Please don’t tell me I shouldnt post this or that. I post raw emotion and I’m done letting people take my autonomy away.

If you don’t like what I have to say go ahead and unfollow or mute me. Don’t tell me to stop because that has been my life. I’m done stopping and I’m done Taking shit from people who just simply don’t understand.

Seriously mute or block me if you don’t want to read what I have to say. That would be best for all of us. Thanks.

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My name is Sasha Adele Braden, a transgender woman, who is queer and living in freedom. I knew I was transgender at the age of five because my development just seemed off so I had an inclination something was very wrong. I was locked away because of shame and I decided that I was going to take my truth to the grave and never open up to anyone because I was full of fear. That all changed February 14, 2018, when it all came out. I’m free. I’m alive. I’m learning that life isn’t just eating, sleeping, having sex, and going to the bathroom but it is so much more! Learning that has been a blast! I am also co-managing a grassroots organization called, “REFLECT” and it is all about trans and nonbinary expression through community while being able to completely lean on allies. I am super stoked to be doing this and being a safe place for the queer community of Austin, TX. Look up my Facebook page “REFLECT” for more details. With all of that said, welcome to my life. I welcome all types of people and welcome all types of dialogue. So, drop a comment or two on a post every once In a while​ this blog is mainly just a way to let go of trauma from my past. Expressing it has helped me overcome things I thought I was never going to be able to overcome and I’m living in freedom for the first time in my life.

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