“Leave out all the rest”

Chester Bennington,

The artist who saved my life on countless occasions throughout high school, brought me to a sanity I didn’t know I had, helped me grow in way no other person was able to, and became one of my all time favorite voices in music.

Today is the one year of the day he committed suicide. Today is hard. Today, July 20th will ALWAYS be Linkin Park day to me personally. Every lyric Chester sang was/is my internal battle and his voice always brings me back to a sane experience. You don’t want to know the amount of times I have listened to the album, “Minutes to midnight” today all you need to know is it has literally been on repeat all day if it was playing out loud it was playing in my head.

The songs on the album are very unique in the way that when Chester is lead vocals the musical transitions are heavier and produce a bluntness that expresses his depression. When he yells for 45 seconds strait in the track “given up” I get chills even though I have listened to it 1000’s of times. Yes I’ve listened to this album well over 1000 times. It’s my favorite Linkin Park album and will go down as my 12th favorite album of all time.

We all have that certain music that hits the feels like a fucking freight train and that music gives us life more than anything else in moments of life, it does for me anyway. Honestly with out music I don’t know how we would survive as a species it would be dull and extremely depressing. There is depressing music obviously but that is some of the best shit ever written. In my humble opinion.

Back to Chester, he was depressed, he was full of anxiety, he was wealthy, he was talented, he was a human. He was living in this world just like the rest of us just trying to make it along with helping almost an entire generation with their struggles. When Linkin Park dropped an album they always stuck to the times and the types of music people would jam too. They always had that thin red line though expressing Chesters deep and utter depression in which SO MANY folks could relate to.

If you have ever been a Linkin Park fan even for just one album listen to that album today. Chester deserves it Mike deserves it the WHOLE band deserves it. I know there are folks that don’t really like them that’s ok I’m just expressing my sadness and thankfulness for the band that kept me alive in high school. I can honestly say there was 5 things that kept me alive during that shitty time and Linkin Park was pretty much number one on that list.


Chester Bennington.


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