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When you look at these

Trump-Concentration-Camps what do you see? Do you see a follow up of Adolf Hitlers Germany or do you see something different? Do you look at this as good for this nation or evil? Where do you see them going with this? What about the children and those little innocent human beings treated like adult criminals?

All of these questions run through my head over and over to the point of making me feel like I have gone insane. This has been happening for way too long and it started with the native Americans than went to the black communities and has now gone after our brothers, sisters and gender non-conforming Hispanics to a point of extremity that I can’t honestly fathom. Why are white people so entitled to having it all and not giving CULTURES the room to share their incredible insight and experience with us? Culture makes this nation not white people, white people where immigrants to this nation and we have completely taken over to the point of what feels like no return.

Being transgender I am honestly freaked out as to what is going to happen next. Are they going to start throwing queers into camps next? Are they going to start using Mike Pence shock treatments to “cure” the queerness? I don’t know what to do I’m just freaked out to the point of not eating, sleeping, or thinking strait.

When I hear people say they are Pro-life but justify these actions that have been happening since the beginning of this nation I call bull shot on them. They are the ones who are pro-choice and they are the ones doing the very thing that they hated all of us for. Their idea of pro-life is just saving the fetus and nothing more. That crowd is beyond fucked up in the head.

Black lives matter.

Gay lives matter.

Lesbian lives matter.

Bisexual lives matter.

Transgender lives matter.

Gender non conforming lives matter.

Asexual lives matter.

Cisgender lives matter.

Sex workers lives matter.

Hispanic lives matter.

Students lives matter.

ALL LIVES MATTER! Acknowledging that is the real PRO-LIFE stance. Coming to the realization that human relationship is one of the biggest parts of life that LITERALLY keeps us alive is vital. Leaving the human rights coalition because separating families is illegal under it is and should be the last straw.

Imagine for a second that you are 4 years old and are told your parents are going over there and you have to go with the creepy person not knowing what is going to happen just knowing your mommy and daddy are being taken away. America, it’s not about who has the RIGHT political view anymore this is about the fact kids are being taken away with no knowledge of what is going to happen.

I remember 5 years ago my sister was taken. Under different circumstances but she was still taken. My brother had sexually assaulted her and cps took her away. She was scared, my parents where confused, and my brother just got a slap on the wrist. My sister is still on foster care my parents could care less about her and my brother is a heavy drunk just like my day. I was in ywam when she was taken but I was scared shitless. She’s my baby sister and I was worried about her. I say this because there are brothers, sisters, moms, and dads worried about their families tonight. This is not new for the black community as this has happened since the beginning of this nation.

When is enough going to be enough and when are people going to start being genuinely “Pro-life?”


Call your state representatives.

Text the resist bot.

Vote while you still can.

I want to be on the right side of history and I’m not gonna stop yelling or calling out the people responsible for these atrocious acts of violence that have happened since the BEGINNING of this nation. This SHIT needs to end immediately!


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