Do Something

What is one thing in your life you wish you could control fully? Living in a society run by cisgender heterosexual people there is nothing you can control being queer. At least that’s what I’m finding out. If you are a cisgender heterosexual person reading this and are my friend this is NOT describing my feels for you. I want you to know I love you and I value you, there are just those who I can’t stand and get written about because if no one wanted to be talked about then they should be warm loving humans to others. If you are cold I’ll write about you and show the world how screwed up living in a “Christian Nation” actually is. 

I keep getting messages/texts from old friends telling me that hell is where I am going and the reason I am suffering is that of my “choice” to be transgender, get a divorce, and supposedly forget completely about my kids is causing all of the problems going on. Let me break down the reality; I didn’t choose to be transgender I AM transgender. Getting a divorce was the best thing to allow each of us to continue to grow as human beings. My kids still love me and miss me along with having a parent that is able to show them what being on the right side of history looks like. Of course, it is hard being away from them, no shit but life is full of ups and downs. Life throws punches and you have to figure out how to deal with them. Come on Christian person, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Honestly, the worst part of my life right now has been all the fucking hate I have gotten for self- proclaiming Christians that seem to only want to bash my face in even more. Knock it off, sit down, listen, and love like you proclaim to the person of color in Mexico you are about to take a selfie with. I’m over you, the church of East Texas is a massive pile of shit stains running around waiting for their next selfie. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

The other part of my life, my job at 7/11 has become a nightmare. My managers think it is ok to cat-call women and then talk about them when they leave the store. I have told them at least five times now that is rude and makes me really uncomfortable. I’ve been told to just be quiet. I am looking for a new job. Just more self-proclaiming Christians doing what Christians do best.

With all this going on you would think I would be a giant mess and unable to function. I am better than ever before because I am able to live out my TRUTH! The people trying to take that away are dealing with their own internal struggle I see that but doesn’t give them the right to bash my face deeper into the shit. The reason for this post is to give you examples of how fucked up it is living in “Christian society” and the two-faced hypocrites that claim they love people and love God.

If any of you reading this are self-proclaiming Christians, check yourselves:

Did you love a person of color today by standing up for them?

Did you stand up for the LGBTQIA community and use your voice to express love and appreciation for them?

Did you listen to someone hurting and keep your mouth shut till they were done?

What are you “self-proclaiming” Christian doing to help the minorities in your town? They are the “least of these” they are the ones who need “unconditional love” no matter what. They are WORTH fighting for. Now fight for us with the love you claim to have.

Good night. Ponder it. Let it marinate. GET TO WORK CHRISTIAN YOU ARE SLACKING BIG TIME!


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