Finding A Routine

I started out in Austin, Tx with my vinyl records and clothes not knowing what it was going to look like or even feel like. As a lot of you know I came down here to transition and make friends in the queer community which has been AMAZING! The amazing couple I have been with have blessed me in ways that are incomprehensible, they have given me an overwhelming amount of resources and contacts in Austin to transition. They are great!

Along with them, I have made a lot of friends in the queer community that are a big help. Being transgender the depression and anxiety feel greater and more in your face. I have had moments, where I was doing an Uber Eats delivery and almost ended it because the depression was so intense. I just came back to where I am staying and unwind for a little bit. I have great conversations with Baily one of the amazing people who I am staying with and that gives me the boost I need to keep going. Friends are better than the suicide hotline because let’s be real, that hotline is intimidating. For me personally, it is not worth the effort to look the number up and call it to talk to someone who I can’t personally trust. I need to know the person before I can talk about what shit is going on in my life.

I’m loving my jobs, Uber Eats is honestly addicting and some days I find myself going for hours at a time because it is fun watching the money roll in, even if it is low amounts. Amy, the woman with Cerebral Palsy is a firecracker! She is a huge activist for basic human-rights and going to the capital all the time. She is so proactive and even though she can’t physically move by herself she moves mountains with her words and her knowledge of what humans with disabilities deserve. I have never met a person as passionate about human-rights as Amy. She is so great.

So, I have jobs, friends, a house (soon,) and have learned that self-care is vital. I actually set aside 10-20 minutes a day to practice self-care because with how busy I am I need me time in the day. I am my biggest supporter so I have to take care of me. I’ve learned that coconut body wash is life! It has cleared my skin up so well and feels amazing. On to of the body wash, face masks even if that is all I can get in help calm me down immensely.  It’s the little things that make all the difference and today for my self-care being able to write feels so damn good! Here’s to the next 4 days, they are going to be INTENSE and non-stop!



    • They have taken me in and lives on me like no other group has before.

      True, authentic, tangible love and understanding wholeheartedly are what they are. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I was out here alone. It is so refreshing and hope filling.


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