Life is good and I have a lot to be happy about. It is so damn nice being allowed to be genuinely happy.

I’m happy I have great friends

I’m happy I am living in Austin, Tx

I’m happy I’ll get to see my kids soon

I’m happy I have great jobs

I’m happy I know Amy and she has such a huge activist heart

I’m happy my wardrobe is coming together

I’m happy I’m learning makeup

I’m happy I will get set up on safer hormones soon

I’m happy Austin, Tx is so weird

I’m happy self-care is allowed now

I’m happy Baily and Lauren are my friends

I’m happy the queer community in Austin, Tx is so warm and inviting

I’m happy I got an off afternoon today

I’m happy I am sleeping hard

I’m happy grief is being somewhat gentle right now

I’m happy I get to have my nails painted all the time

I’m happy to be moving into a stable house in a few days 5-1-18

I’m happy I get compliments at least once a day when I go out


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