Little Something Something

Where to begin… It has been a wild week full of learning how to self-care for myself and learning my new jobs. The jobs are amazing, I have Uber down to a T and the only struggle I’m having is getting around the confusing city. It’s a lot of fun being able to listen to music and drive around all day delivering treats to people, most of them have the biggest smile when I come to the door — It is honestly adorable! I have only worked a short time with the other two jobs and those hours are going to start going up this next week. But, I am happy and feeling amazing! Yesterday since the weather was so bad we had a self-care day and it was lovely along with a little nerve-racking because I’ve never gone that extream with self-care. I honestly wanted to go work but the weather didn’t allow me too since I am brand new to the city.

Along with self-care and work, I was able to go out the other night to n amazing bar fully dressed up in what I wanted to wear, my make up was done, and I even got a few compliments. Some random women came up to me and said she adored the necklace I was wearing and then another woman came up to me and said I was gorgeous. Those two little compliments made me feel a happiness like never before. I got complimented wearing what I wanted to wear and was presenting who I see myself as, Sahsa. It felt amazing. After we left the bar we went to a Cajun food truck where I got complimented on for my name. The lady loved my name and said it was her favorite of the night. You all I feel so good being in Austin, Tx.

Sorry, this post is so short, I have so much in my head I am trying to condense it into readable posts. I just wanted to shoot out a quick little post to share whats been going on. I’ll be blogging once a night again starting this week as I have come up with a very structured schedule. So be sure to be on the lookout I got a lot of great things happening and a few things that I am juggling but for the most part, things are going great!



  1. My husband and I were there over the weekend for the MotoGP races. I agree, getting around in the city is confusing! But lots of entertainment and a laid back atmosphere makes it a wonderful place.


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