Goals are HAPPING

My friends, it has been a wild few first days here in Austin, Tx. The night I pulled in my allergies were going bonkers and I was a sobbing mess. Most of the night I couldn’t stop thinking about how my kids were going to wake up and I wasn’t going to be there. I wasn’t going to be the one making coffee, I wasn’t going to be the one to give them a banana, and I wasn’t going to be there at all that day, That caused me to sob, not just simple crying but sobbing uncontrollably. I miss them, I miss my wife, but I am thankful for them that they are being so gracious and allowing me to FINALLY go after THE goal.

The morning after I got here I slowly got ready and made my way to the apartment in which I am staying till May 1st (maybe longer) and hopefully, by then I’ll have enough income to get a more grounded room and be set up with housing. I have three jobs THREE that I will be starting different days but the fact I got three jobs today astounds me. I got NOWHERE in Tyler, TX in a month and a half, I have been in Austin not even 48 hours and I have three very good jobs lined up. Today was a WIN day for sure.

The first job, I’ll be working with the sweetest lady who has cerebral palsy and with that, she has very limited mobility. I’ll be one of her attendants carting her around, helping her around the house, helping her with her dog, and taking her anywhere she needs to go. She is a big activist for social justice which means I’ll be taking her to some major protests in the capital. I am very pumped for that.  We will also be going to parks and having picnics and just enjoying life to the fullest. She is one of the most affirming people I have ever met and this is one of those jobs that I have longed for, I love seeing people thrive and be who they are. She is spectacular!

The other two jobs are food delivery services where I just turn the app on, go to the restaurant, then take the order to the customer. Pretty self-explanatory and excellent for a transgender woman because I am able to use the name Sasha at both places. That alone is mind-boggling along with having three jobs already. Austin is pretty great and I am grateful to be here. It’s wild that the goal I have had since I was 11 is happening and even though it is rough as hell right now I can see a bit more light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hopeful, I’m excited, I’m grieving, I’m exhausted, and I’m grateful.



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