Lighten the mood

The last few posts have been heavy because I am under some pretty heavy pressure right now as you can probably tell. So, I wanted to share a list of upcoming posts I’ll be doing as life allows them to happen.

Music post: My favorite album of all time and why.

Dear pro-life post: In a respectful way I’ll be asking the pro-life crowd to value all life and not just the life of the fetus.

Outfit of the Day: Eventually I plan on posting one of these a week because I love fashion!

Hormone Replacement Therapy: What has happened thus far?

Mini-Series: Favorite color, Favorite book, Favorite artist, Favorite food, Favorite tv show, and Favorite movie. What does Sasha like?

Happy post: Another list of things I’m happy about.

Whats in my weekend bag? I’m going to share what I take to Austin, Tx in a few weeks.

2018 top 5 favorite albums (so far): Who I have had on repeat since they dropped their album this year.

It’s important to set goals and things to look forward too in this insane life and these are some big things I’m looking forward too. Writing is a great way to deal with grief for me personally and it helps to release a little bit of tension.

So, be on the lookout I’m going to start rough drafting posts soon! I hope you all Enjoy!

Love, Sasha Adele Braden


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