Favorite Food

Crawfish that sweet cajun mudbug that tastes so good and sends your taste buds into outer space. Well, for me anyway. Crawfish dwell on the bottom of swamps, creeks, and streams.  These bottom dwellers look like mini lobsters but they taste better and are a bit easier to eat. The first time I ever ate them I was 5 years old and we were living in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was during the months of February-May when crawfish season happens and you can get 100’s of pounds at a time to have a grand community experience. The crawfish boil brings people from all over the community together to indulge in the sweet cajun delight of cracking the crawfish open, pulling the tail out, and sucking the head of all the juice. You can throw baby potatoes, corn, onions, garlic, lemons, and really anything else that sounds good to you in with the crawfish as they boil and when it is all done you have a huge array of food to pick from. You can spend hours in front of a table and indulge as much as you want. It really is an amazing experience.

During the first time I ever had crawfish I remember the layout like I am still there enjoying every minute of it. I was 5 years old my brother had just been born and we were in our backyard where my dad had 300 pounds of crawfish ready to boil. On top of the 300 pounds of crawfish, there was corn, garlic, onions, lemons, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. It was about to be a party! It took several hours to prep and when it was all said and done the magic happened. When there are 500 pounds of food you just pour it all out onto one large table and find your spot to start eating. I still remember where I stood and what it looked like around me. It was a great experience actually to this day one of the experiences I go back to when I’m struggling and it brings joy to my heart. I enjoy crawfish so much because of that experience and how every experience from that point have been equally as good. I mean they are delicious and some of the tastiest food you can eat but that experience made them my favorite food.

You don’t need to get 300 pounds to enjoy them you could go and get 5 pounds and the experience would be just as impactful. If you enjoy spicy seafood and a great eating experience I recommend crayfish. They are simple to make all you need is seasoning, a big pot, propane cooker, and the crawfish. I haven’t gone out to get my yearly batch yet but the time is coming and it is coming soon!


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