One of my many passions is for people to be allowed to live in truth and be able to be themselves. I had been caged up my entire life until just recently and I know there are many others just like me who are in situations where they just can’t get out. It hurts my friends but there is hope, whenever I am down in a rut I speak these affirmations over myself and they help to re-center, refocus, and value myself. These affirmations are for Trans-men and Trans-women. Be sure to take time for YOU today!

Transgender person,

You are beautiful

You are handsome

You made it through another day the best you knew how

You looked great today and your smile though it may be fake was adorable like you

I’m proud of you for making it through another day and holding on to hope

Your transition is going to take time

That is ok!

Good things start small and take time

If they didn’t they wouldn’t be good

I love you for who you are

Trans-woman, you are so beautiful and precious

Trans-man, you are handsome and brave

Trans-woman, I couldn’t be more thankful for your kindness

Trans-man, I couldn’t be more in awe of your passion



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