Limerick: Untitled

I’m on the brink

I feel like I’m about to sink

Life is throwing me in all directions

There are just no medications

when is there going to be a unkink

Jobs, family, parents, friends, and the unknowing are all the things pulling me and throwing me in all directions. Right now I don’t feel like I can calm down and take a deep breath because of everything in front of me that needs to happen. I have a little good news I may get hired at USPS here in a few weeks but that is still a few weeks out. Life at home is getting harder and harder, I go to the local coffee shop every night just to get away and focus on myself (well try anyway) and the more I do the harder it is to go back to the place I can’t even call home anymore. It’s more of a place I just sleep and babysit my kids. Something has to happen there has to be some sort of unkinking because I am spread out too thin and can’t reel myself in. I wish I could just take a weekend to re-center and refresh, this non-stop with no signs of slowing down is exhausting.


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