2018 Goals and Dreams

2018 is the year I can dream again and have goals! My dreams died like I’ve said in previous posts because they didn’t align with who I am. I just thought of that the other day, The reason the dreams I had ended in what seemed like failer is because my true idenity wasn’t a part of those dreams. Now that Sasha is free the dreams I have seem a bit more realistic and possible, do you know how refreashing that is? 2018 is going to be MY year, I’m going to focus on my self, I’m going to allow myself to say no when I have to, and I’m going to live out my life how I feel my life should be lived out. It’s not up to a ministry leader to tell me what to do anymore and close me off the possibilities to better my life, I’ve had enough of that it’s about me now folks.

My “Goals and Dreams” for 2018 looks a little bit like this:

  1. Go out compleatly dressed up in my feminine atire including makeup
  2. Travel to Austin, Tx for the weekend and be “myself” the entire time
  3. Come out to my parents
  4. Get a Job
  5. Get an apartment
  6. Get a full body wax
  7. Get my nose pireced
  8. Get a floral tattoo
  9. Get this blog OUT OUT OUT to LGBTQA+ communities world wide
  10. Read atleast 30 books
  11. Write 5 songs
  12. Work out
  13. Get a Yoga membership
  14. Completly remove the toxic people out of my life

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