I’am happy I’m out of the closet

I’am happy I can start being a woman

I’am happy I’am allowed to wear what I want

I’am happy I met really cool people in Tyler Texas

I’am happy Erricka is my friend

I’am happy I started HRT

I’am happy I feel slight changes already

I’am happy It looks like a job is going to happen

I’am happy I didn’t have to see my so called friends

I’am happy I have a Pinterest

I’am happy I have good music

I’am happy I am free to write

I’am happy someday I won’t have to look at the tumor between my legs anymore

I’am happy soon I’ll have boobs

I’am happy Im moving out

I’am happy I am able to go after my true identity

I’am happy I get to dream again

I’am happy I have a family  here in east texas

I’am happy im going to quit smoking

I’am happy my friend keeps sending me clothes

I’am happy I’m about to get red heels

I’am happy I can boost my estrogen levels even more on youtube

I’am happy transgender rights are being fought for

I’am happy the people in my life I have told are affirming

I’am happy I found out truth about some people

I’am happy I have makeup for days

I’am happy for the sun

I’am happy for warm weather

I’am happy to start planing out the rest of my life

I’am happy I won’t have to deal with my parents anymore

I’am happy the sex change is going to happen

I’am happy my boobs are coming in

I’am happy I get to experience a life change for the very best

I’am happy that I get to experience true happiness with out feeling guilt

I’am happy I get to paint my nails

Happiness is the strongest emotion it gives the most life and I have never experienced happiness in my life. The only emotion I ever felt was anger and that portrays the strongest emotion but in all honesty it is the weakest. I hope I make someones day with this post! Love you all from a transgender woman who is finally able to be HAPPY!


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