Take this with a grain of salt

Tw: suicidal thoughts, lots of cussing, Trump talk (yes trump talk needs a fucking trigger warning), just a giant fucking mess. Also before you call the fucking cops talk to me first. Seriously . . . . . . . . . . The only reason I'm still alive and choosing to live is because [...]


Fuck Wednesday’s

Wednesday’s are always rough, in ywam Wednesday’s where always painfully exhausting. Especially one Wednesday close to the time we left. I was sitting in a staff meeting and this conservative politician was taking about how god has ordained trump to be president without knowing trump was gonna be president. This guy took the whole staff [...]


Monday through Friday sometime Saturday and Sunday I am with a person who blows me away. Being her attendent and being able to see her live her best life is so rewarding. She genuinely cares and that is something I have never experienced in my life. My ex genuinely care under false identity and did [...]