I didn't get the child hood I wanted, instead I got stuck with two miserable parents. Parents who said that they want to see society change but had no clue how to be pro active in seeing change. I wanted a mom to teach me how to do make up. I wanted a dad to [...]



I never would of thought I would see the day where Satanist's are more "Christian" than the self proclaiming Christians. As a mijiority (not all) but most Christians act like the Satan they talked about being evil while I was growing up. They freak out about immigrants and they say I'm going to hell because [...]


What if I told you I have a dream relating to art? What if I have pieces that i am ready to use and see a dream actually come true? What if the blog, etsy, and patreon are all part of this bigger plan/dream? A lot of “what if’s.” I feel like that has been [...]

Song one

The wrong Amazon is burning The wrong ice is melting What we gonna do with all the sweating God damn it I feel like my skin is melting With most the Evangelicals Pouring out all the biblical Bull shit Fight for your right Fight for your right to stay alive Fight for your right to [...]