I am tired as fuck, ever since trump sent out that statement wanting to erase 1.4 million of us my insides have just not been the same. I thought I would be speeding up my transition but it has slowed way down because I just don’t have the energy at all. Every day is still … More Yea…


Who remembers Charlottesville? Who remembers there being “very good people on both sides?” Who remembers “shit hole countries?” Who remembers the shooter at the concert who killed 50+ people? Who remembers ALL THE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS? Who remembers “football players who kneel are sons of bitches?” Who remembers banning transgender folks from joining the military? Who … More OPEN THE FUCKING BOX

Time In The Closet

Girl, remember that time in the closet when you would dream about being a beautiful princess wearing pearls, the whitest dress, red strappy heels, and your hair is done to perfection? You were at a party actually enjoying yourself and LIVING your best life possible. You even had a smile on your face. Girl, remember that … More Time In The Closet

Still Here

Sorry you all, it has been a very busy few weeks and I haven’t had time to sit down and type my thoughts out. I have a lot of thoughts that I plan on putting together soon! One of my main thoughts and I’m gonna leave it here, If you are apart of YWAM and … More Still Here

Talking that talk but sure as shit sucking at walking that walk

Thoughts: The truth of evangelicalism is it has ALWAYS been a cult now it’s run by a dictator, the President of the United States of America. The truth of evangelicalism is it has always been organized racism. Now they can express that openly and get credit from the top seat in America. The truth of … More Talking that talk but sure as shit sucking at walking that walk


I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE TRANSGENDER. I chose to play the male part because I was scared shitless as to what would happen if I would of come out and how much more fucking trauma I would be experiencing right now. I do not understand why this world is so fucking hateful and the … More I DID NOT…

Limerick: UCK

Tired as fuck Restless as a momma duck  Making sure her babies get across safely  Across this pond of misery daily  Not knowing if today will be the day I’m helplessly stuck

Need your HELP!

I’m sitting here it’s the middle of August and after going full time with a better job I’m in a hole 100 miles deep 100 miles wide. I have many things I need to be able to cover financially. I have many ways you can help the best at this point is Venmo: @sashaadele I … More Need your HELP!

3 dots

Don’t tell me or the world for that matter there is a “war on your religion” while playing victim. Don’t tell me that marginalized folks, “need to get a grip and be a little nicer in their responses.” Don’t Jesus-splain, cis-splain, man-splain, or bible-splain me and claim to have it all figured out. You don’t.

Ywam Pt. 4

TW: Spiritual abuse, Gaslighting, Evangelicals thinking they are the shit, Trump talk, Stockholm Syndrome, Pian, lied too, patriarchy talk, leadership not caring about basic human right, toxic thinking from evangelicals, over spiritualization, and a wholt LOT of BULL SHIT… . . . . . . . . . .     Holy shit, first of … More Ywam Pt. 4


One full foot is stuck in the closet getting mangled, bruised, battered, laughed at, mocked, and told it’ll never make it out. I’m still stuck in the closet my poor foot is struggling. I haven’t come out to my parents yet because I fear what they are going to do. Along with what will happen … More Pre-thoughts


Blood above boiling point. Anxiety through the sky into outer space. Depression overwhelming. Uter distaste that hasn’t left since 2016. Being told “god picked him” is really screwing with my mind. Feel insane, Afraid, Traumatized, Exhausted. Why is he still president?

Some Beach…

🚨TW::: anxiety, depression, panic attack, voices in the head, trauma. 🚨 . . . . . . . . . . . . Last night I nearly stopped breathing because of the worst panic attack I have ever had in my life… The voices from my old leaders at YWAM started softly filling my head … More Some Beach…